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    Cooling Machine

    Cooling Machine

    Cooling Machine

    • Low maintenance cost
    • Compact structure, reliable operation
    • High efficiency
    • High adaptability

    Introduction to Cooling Machine

    Cooling Machine

    As the main equipment in rotary kiln production system, a cooling machine is simple in structure, steady in performance, and reliable in operation. The waste gas after exchanging heat can be imported back into the Rotary Kiln, thus the heat efficiency being improved. Since it owns compact structure, it is highly adaptable to materials.

    Features of Cooling Machine

    One of the most popular coolers is the monocular cooler, which is often used for cooling clinker in 500-2000t/d production lines due to its low maintenance cost, small overall investment and high efficiency. In refractory materials industry, the cooling machine is widely used for cooling clay, magnesia and sintering clinkers like dolomite. The cylinder with high temperature (1000 ~ 1300 ℃) rotates with the tilted cylinder. The cooled materials move to the discharge port in a spiral, graded by the sieve mesh at the back, and then drop to the trough.

    Structure and Working principle of Rotary Drum Cooler

    Rotary drum cooler is mainly composed of the cylinder, the transmission device, the sealing device, the supporting wheels, water cooling equipment, etc. The masonry structure of refractory lining occupies about half of the cylinder, with the remaining fixed with spreading boards. The clinker will be raised up for many times and then evenly spread and it exchanges heat with the cooling air. Especially in low temperature zone, the inclination angle and the speed can be adjusted by improving the structure and distribution of the spreading boards to increase the contact with air and control the movement speed, making the heat have plenty of time to conduct to the surface, resulting into the sufficient recycle of the heat from the low temperature clinker.

    Technical Data
    Main Reducer
    Main Motor
    Φ1.5×15 2~3 3~5 ZQ500 15 28
    Φ1.5×20 3~4 3~5 ZQ500 15 35
    Φ1.8×18 4~6 3~5 ZQ500 18.5 47
    Φ2.0×22 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 61
    Φ2.2×18 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 64
    Φ2.2×22 8~10 3~5 ZQ650 30 73
    Φ2.4×24 12~15 3~5 ZS125 45 98
    Φ2.5×25 15~20 3~5 ZS125 55 110
    Φ2.8×28 16~22 3~5 ZL100 55 130
    Φ3.0×30 20~25 3~5 ZL115 75 169
    Φ3.2×36 28~32 3~5 ZL115 90 200
    Φ3.3×40 32~36 3~5 ZI130 132 237
    Φ3.6×36 35~38 3~5 ZSY450-28 185 318
    Φ4.0×36 50~60 3~5 ZSY450-25 220 348
    Φ4.0×45 60~70 3~5 ZSY450-25 250 414
    Φ4.5×50 70~75 3~5 ZSY500-25 315 576

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