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    The Structural Analysis of the Toggle Plate of Jaw Crusher

    AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 16 May 2013 11:37:00

    As a spare part of jaw crusher, the toggle plate has the simplest structure, but its role is extremely important. Generally speaking, the toggle plate has three functions: to transmit the driving force which is sometimes bigger than the crushing force; to play the role of protecting other spare parts, when some materials that cannot be crushed go into the crushing chamber, the toggle will first break down and be damaged in order to protect other spare parts of the machine from being damaged; to adjust the size of the discharging mouth. The functions of the toggle plate are ensured by its reasonable structure, and this paper mainly deals with the structure of the toggle plate.

    jaw crusher

    During the working process of the crusher, the toggle plate and the lining board which is used for supporting it cannot get good lubrication, plus the falling in of powder dust, so that the toggle plate and the gasket are in a dry friction and abrasive wear state. The high load pressure on the lining board causes fast abrasion of the toggle plate and the gasket of the toggle plate, thus shortening its service life. For this reason, the structural design of the toggle plate should consider not only the importance of this part, but its working environment.

    According it structural composition, the toggle plate can be divided into assembling type and integral type. The lining board of the simple-pendulum jaw crusher has assembling type structure and it is assembled after connecting as toggle plate and two toggle heads. In this way, when the toggle plate is abraded, it is only necessary to change the easy-abrasive and damaged toggle plate head in order to save the consumption of metal. In the actual application, this toggle plate is very heavy, so that it is necessary to design a lifting ring. The compound pendulum jaw crusher uses integral type toggle plate whose weight and size are very small.

    According to the connecting method of the toggle head and the toggle cushion, the toggle plate can be divided into rolling type and sliding type. A big squeezing force is transmitted between the toggle plate and the gasket and the toggle also has to sustain the periodic impulse load. Under the repeated squeezing and impacting effect, the abrasion of the toggle plate is very fast, especially for the sliding type structure. In order to improve the driving efficiency, reduce the wear-out part and extend the service life of the toggle plate, the rolling type structure is often adopted. During the operational process of the machine, the angle of oscillation of the movable jaw is very small, so that the included angle in the perpendicular line direction of the toggle cushion surface supported on both sides of the lining board is very small, and the toggle plate and the toggle cushion can maintain pure rolling, in this way, the abrasion of the toggle plate will be reduced, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the toggle plate.

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